söndag 21 juli 2019

The Director - A short story

I have no idea when I wrote this but I found it on my hard drive. Considering todays anniversary, it is too good not to share.

"You want do to what?"
Richard Nixon asked, looking at the NASA Staff officer and the movie director in front of him. "Do you know what the entire point of faking something is?"

"Well yes" the officer answered with a hollow tone of voice, suggesting he had this discussion many times over the past few days. "But he says it is the only way to fake it convincingly. Anything less and the Soviets will rat us out in a heartbeat!"

"Surely you can just film everything in a studio? Slow down the video or something like it looks like he is in a low gravity? Use several lightning sources to look like the sun? Do I have to do all the planning myself? Why do we even have a movie director? Aroo!"

"That is entirely my point Mister President" said the movie director, looking at the newly elected official in the eye. "We cannot slow down film well enough yet. Somebody would fuck up the light sources in a way that reveals it. And the soviets would have a field day. I would be exposed as an incompetent."

With a sigh, Nixon looked at the NASA Staff Officer.
"Can we actually do it? Go to the moon, I mean?"
The man nodded. "In Theory, yes but there is a remote chance they will not get home"

Looking back at the movie director he relented. "Fine. We will fake the moon trip your way. Take three others and go to the moon. But you stay in the capsule at all times. You are the director, not the actor. Got it? Now get out."

"How can I be expected to direct something if I cannot even see the set?"
the director shouted as the NASA Staff Officer more or less dragged him out of the room with force.

"It will be worth it just to be rid of the man" Nixon thought reaching for his phone. Maybe somebody else was available?