fredag 27 oktober 2017

Kvällsöppet på Naturhistoriska Riks 27 Oktober 2017

Arrived at the museum as darkness fell on the own.

Any visit to the museum is to be started visiting the eternal combatants from different eras. The Triceratops lived further away from the Allosaurus than we do the Triceratops.

Mind blown yet?

This nice lady taught the visiting children about insects.

The exhibit "Nature in Sweden" was dark and visitors encouraged to use their flashlights to explore it. I used this oppertunity to take long exposure shots timed for 30 seconds. You can clearly see the movement in the room.

Things are starting to heat up!

An exhibit I have not noticed before, hidden away but still very interesting. The mineral exhibit hidden beyond was more in the classical style and very classy. Almost no kids there either

Some very funny person had hidden this one in a corner.

Jumping Contest. Everybody is trying to break a record set by a rabbit

Yet another owl that do not have my Hogwarts acceptance letter

And as always, I end the visit with some whale watching

Lastly, do listen to "Du sköna nya värld"; an episode of Creepypodden that contains a story that takes place in the museums IMAX Theater.

Then shedule a visit to said theater.