onsdag 16 september 2015

Barndomskvarter 16 September 2015

If all the time I waited here was put together, I wonder how much it would tally. It would be a lot of five-six minutes over more then ten years.

The only good thing on this square is the burger grill. Trust me on that.

This was my home for almost thirteen years. Now I feel I do not belong.

I used to sit on this long after it was appropriate for my age to do so. I did not care. When I needed time for myself, I would occupy it and not caring if anybody else wanted to have a go.

I could do that for hours.

When I was a kid, this was barely more then a field of dirt. I am happy to see it got what it deserved.

They say a church is a place of rest and relaxation. In this case, they where absolutly right. When I listen to the songs of my confirmation - and I only do that in an emergency - I relax almost at once.

If it can be called such. I have my doubts. I wonder if Carl Johan Sillen Sillén does have well.

When 10kr was a fortune. It would give me enough candy to last me to school.

The name has been changed. Probably because students from other schools found ways to remix "Kullskolan" by removing the last letter and putting it somewhere else.

Hilarious in hindsigh.

The building was voted 7th ugliest building on Kungsholmen. Most of those who voted where students.

When I first was tasked with buying something, this is where I went. Now it is nothing.

I barely remember when this was my home. I do not feel like a stranger here, only a small sense of nostalgia when I played with Brio in the living room.

I wonder what the previous school owners would have thought about the new playground...

All that I need to say about this place already have been.

One I used to live here as well. I still wonder how the hell I mananged to do so and leaving home smelling of smoke.

It begins at it has ended.