fredag 22 juni 2012

Isbladskärret + Skansen 22 Juni 2012

I got alot closer to the Highland Cattle today. They really are adoreable. 

This early in the morning, it usually looks like the dogs take their own walks with their tired owners sleepwalking far behind. It is a good thing most of the dogs can behave.

We all need a bath if we are covered with fur in the middle of the summer...

...and of course peer towards the guest. There was always at least one of the cows keeping an eye on me.

On Gärdet, this Horse seemed rather offended to be in the picture.

And along Djurgårdsbrunn, water splashed against the rocks.

Arriving at Skansen, the Great Grey Owl sat on the floor, mighty offended over me walking in.

The Seals was not bothered. The Harbour Seals kept cruising around.

Some believe there are no Wolverines at Skansen. Here is proof.

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