måndag 5 mars 2012

Trains of Stockholm Photo Collection

This is a small photo collection of the trains in and around Stockholm. I stuck with the common ones, and not some of the many interesting guests. You may also notice they have something in common. Are they really trains in their natural habitat or isolated montages of a display?

The answer is for you to guess. The equipment used for this was a Canon 600D with a Tamron 17-50 2.8 and a Canon 70-200 4L Lens. If the images appear blurry, click on a image to start a Slideshow that also increases the general quality of the images.

I honestly tough these had been replaced by now, but I am very glad they have not, because I am very fond of this model. They are not very cushy to travel with, but they take you to Gåshaga quickly enough.
When I was young, one of my favourite things was to go to the edges of the Subway System. So my mother, or her then Boyfriend Erik used to take me along. We only had to do it once per destination, but I still remember the trips to Skarpnäck, Farsta and the trip with Nockebybanan in the Winter. Why? Because I wanted to see how things looked at other stations.

For me, Roslagsbanan has long been the Black Sheep of Stockholms train. I can count the amount of times I been on it on both hands, and for a train lunatic as me, thats saying something. Still, I like the narrow tracks, the busy Stockholm Östra station, the train themselves and the general feel of the place.

Oh, different colours, but it has pretty much stayed the same. I am still in favour of the orange colour, mind you but I have been on these things more times then Saltsjöbanan and Roslagsbanan combined. I wanted one of these locomotives badly each christmas and birthday for my Märklin, but their cost made it impossible. One of the first things I managed to buy when I got my own flat was a broken down model, orange locomotive. It holds a place of honour in my display stand.

Ah, Saltsjöbanan. Like Roslagsbanan, this seems to be the one most forget about unless it is part of your daily life. Many cry out for it to be upgraded, but its seats are alot more comfortable then even the new subway trains. I don´t go on this very often, but maybe its time to change that. It does go to the Sea after all...

An honest-to-god X2000. It took me quite some time of fawning over one until I actually got to ride one but it was during one of the usual trips to the West Coast I think was the first time I went with one. The experience was not really what one would expect, but I prefer them over regular trains. Alot faster, and they got power for your computer.

I spent ages in this thing, not only going to my first job but also to go to my cousins who live in Tumba. I have never been as fond of them as other trains, maybe because I spent so many long, boring hours in them. They are however still very nice to look at - and for us that is all that matters.

...and for that matter, I am not a big fan of the new ones either. Sure, they are comfortable as hell, but it may be my experiences with them in general (i.e spending five hours a day in one) that put me off. They look nice tough, I wont deny that! Maybe next model will make me more positive...

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