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Pitched Battle: Nazi Germany vs The Galactic Empire (Star Wars)

This is a little idea I got watching Epic Rap Battles of History. It is by no means meant to be serious but merely entertainment.

The only rules is that the forces are aware of each others capabilities and that both forces must abide to Canon/History. Other then that, I reserve the right to take any liberties to decide the outcome according to the capacities of the forces present.

The Battlefield:
First of all, we need to find a battlefield that allows for a pitched battle in what can be at least interpreted as fair conditions.

The Empire prefers a open field, that gives their assault walkers a free reign to attack the enemy. This also makes them vulnerable but the Empire relies in the strength and firepower of their forces to succeed. In close quarters however, such as dense forests or aboard spaceships, the Empire has shown that they are vulnerable.

The forces of the Wehrmacht however are trained in combat for most conditions. They will not be in a disadvantage regardless of the terrain. However, due to the technological advantage of the empire, we can assume they will be on the defensive.

As such, the Battlefield will be an open field, with a large forest to the west.

Equipment (The Galactic Empire):
The Empires basic foot soldier is the Stormtrooper. Equipped in white armor covering a body stocking their appearence strikes fear into the enemy. They are also equipped with E-11 Blaster Rifles for short range engagements. While the armor offers moderate protection and the blaster is impressive, it has poor visibility, not aided by the fact that the E-11 lacks optics or any similar way of aiming. Their support consists of the E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster with an maximum range of 500 meters.

On the battlefield, the Empire relies on their walkers for fire support and pitched battles. The All-Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT) seen in the Battle of Hoth would probably not be used in this situation. It is essentially a siege breaker and very clumsy. It would require a significant escort to be used in this setting, with little gain for the Empire. As such, the Empire will deploy the All Terran Scout Transport (AT-ST). They are more nimble and have a faster rate of fire. However, they are also vulnerable - especially up close and against kinetic energy.

For air support, the Empire have the Sienar Fleet Systems Twin Ion Engine Fighter (TIE Fighter) and Bomber (TIE Bomber). They are sluggish in atmosphere but still agile craft with moderate firepower in their dual laser cannons. The TIE Bomber also carries Proton bombs that can be delivered by a computer guiding system.

Equipment (Nazi Germany):
The Germany infantry are professional soldiers, carrying Mauser Karabiner 98K Rifles and MP 40 Submachineguns. The MP-40s are effective weapons at ranges up to 150-200 meters, while the rifles are effective up to 500 meters with their iron sights. They carry no armor, making them more agile and having better visibility then Stormtroopers. Their main support weapon is the MG 34 Machine Gun.

The German Main Battle Tank is the Panzer IV. While not deployed for armoured combat, battlefield conditions made it the most common tank in the Wehrmacht arsenal. Its armed with a 7.5 inch gun with one to three MG 34s as secondary weapons. They rely soly on optical instruments to engage their targets.

The Luftwaffe supports the battle with Bf 109 Emil Fighters and the Ju 87B Stuka Bomber. The BF-109 carries two 13mm machineguns, and two 20mm Cannons while the Ju 87 carries two 7.62 caliber machineguns and five bombs (1x 250 kilos, 4x 50 kilos). While slow, they are designed for atmospheric flight and rather agile.

The Order of Battle:

The German forests are dug into the treeline in the Forest in the western part of the Battlefield. They had no time to dig trenches, but rely on the treeline and agility to keep them safe. The infantry force consists of 30 soldiers, including two machinegunners. As support, they have two Panzer IV and may call on the Luftwaffe who can field 2x Bf 109 and 2x Ju-87 Stuka.

The Galactic Empire has deployed their advance force nearby on the field, 1.5 kilometers away from the German Line. They are aware of the German position and seek to engage it. They have a force of 30 Stormtroopers, including one E-Web operator. They are supported by two AT-ST and the Star Destroyer in orbit have deployed 2x TIE Fighters and a TIE Bomber.

The Battle:

As soon as the Germans see the imperial forces, they call for air support. They need to thin out the Imperial Forces before battle is joined. However, the advanced optics and sensor packages on the AT-STs have already located the German defence line, and the Imperial air support is also on their way. The first battle is fought in the air.

As the TIE Bomber moves in towards the target, the two BF-109s make a strafing run at it with their cannons. While unshielded, the bombers armor can reflect or resist most of the cannon rounds. At this time, the TIE Escorts interfere. They are clumsy and large compared to the BF 109 but manage to shoot down one, and disappear from the battle altogether trying to chase down the second one who is making furious evasive manouvers. The bomber makes its run and destroys a machine gun position, killing two soldiers as well as a Panzer IV whereupon it returns to base to reload.

At this point, the Stukas dive down from the clouds, their sights set upon the AT ST walkers. One bomb strikes home and destroys a AT-ST, while the second one lands in the middle of the Imperial infantry, killing five stormtroopers. The second AT-ST fires at the Stukas, shooting down both.

As the Imperials advance upon the German line, they come under heavy fire from the Rifles and machineguns and only their AT-ST are able to respond in kind, using their advanced sensors to pinpoint the German positions. Due to accurate fire from the AT-ST, the Germans loose their second Panzer IV Tank and six soldiers. However, the heavy rifle fire have also taken its toll on the Empire who have lost eight Stormtroopers.

Due to the supressing fire of the AT-ST, the Stormtroopers reach the treeline. A fierce battle ensues amongst the trees. The AT-ST enters the forest, but is ambushed by soldiers with explosives and it is destroyed. The crew leaves the vehicle but are gunned down almost instantly. However, only the soldiers with the MP 40s can hold their own within the close ranges of the forest. The riflemen are too close to effectively engage their targets and in some areas of the forest, melee combat ensues. Most of the german knifes break upon the Imperial armor and as several pockets of resistance is broken down by laser fire, the German forces surrender.

In the fierce battle, the Germans have lost 11 men, while the empire have lost 5 Stormtroopers.

Surprisingly, in a even infantry exchange, the Empire and German forces are equally matched. However, only a fool makes a fight fair. The Imperial technology proved vital to win the day, as their AT-STs, used to trying to hit X-Wings and Snow Speeders could use their guns to engage the Stukas before they came around for a strafing run. They where also vital in spotting and destroying as many German positions as possible.

What really made the difference is the Stormtroopers lack of range. They can fire their lasers at great distances, but hitting their target is a different thing entirely. They are also used to know in a instant where the enemy is from their laser fire. In close quarters, this was remedied while the Wehrmacht soldiers had troubles using their melee weapons against the Imperials due to their armor, yet MP40 gunners caused casulties, despite having to use absurd ammounts of ammunition to penetrate the armor.

On the flip side, the AT-ST suffers from lack of shielding. They are vulnerable to kinetic energy, and can easily be ambushed if the enemy is allowed to come up close - a strange feature in what is essentially a scouting vehicle. On the other hand, the Panzer IV was never even given the chance to fire, their position revealed by the Imperial sensor sweeps.

In the air battle, the Luftwaffe only managed to evade, not defeat the enemy forces. The 109 Emil is manoeuvrable compared to a TIE Fighter in atmosphere but their guns cannot dent armor designed to resist space flight.

Overall, while not a clear victory, its a victory nonetheless for the Empire. They retain their air assets who can be deployed in future battles, the remaining stormtroopers have gained vital experience fighting earth forces and the outcome of the Total War favours the Empire.

Any suggestion on what forces I should do next? Was the outcome fair and accurate? Comments? Type below and thanks for reading.

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