fredag 1 juli 2011

Sorry, ATI but we are breaking up.

Remember how it all started? I bought an Aspire M5201 with you in it. You where a young ATI Radeon HD 4650.

HD my ass.

I choose you over the other version that carried a Nvidia card because the Nvidia card - while stable - was appearently not very good. And this was THE Computer - the one I bought when I moved to my very first own flat.

The computer has not let me down. Much. But you have. Alot.

By this time in the text, you have already given me a bluescreen alongside a reboot. You give me alot of thoose. And I am fed up.

I do not want to loose any more StarCraft 2 matches because of you, I do not want to spent 30 minutes waiting for Battlegrounds over and over in World of Warcraft or wipe raids due to your bluescreening. I dont want to give rendering of videos four-five tries before you decide its worth your time. Your preformance are not even what I should expect from you.

I would not trust your makers to make my camera, rifle or even refrigirador. I must trust my stuff to actually work - not to be lazy, not to crash stuff for the lulz. Its important to me. You do not seem to be able to respect my wishes in this matter, and you actually should. I made sure your drivers stayed updated. I made sure the BIOS settings was accurate. I googled for hours trying to fix your problems. But... In the end, it seems the problems are yours - and not solveable.

So ATI, I cannot trust you. I cannot trust you to do what I want you to do, and what you claim you are able to do. So we are trough. You will stay a little longer - but no longer then necessary.

Then you are going out the door. And I will find somebody else to satisfy my desires.

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