lördag 30 april 2011

tisdag 19 april 2011

"Faktum är att den tur jag haft för det mesta bestått av människor - Angel och Jelly och Löjtnanten och Carl och Överstelötnant Dubois, ja, och min far, och Blackie...och Brumby... och Ace...och förstås alltid Sergeant Zim...."

Ur "Starship Troopers" av Robert A Heinlein.

måndag 18 april 2011

Djur på Djurgården 18/4-11

Skansen Seal Update 18/4-11

As usual, what you are about to read is only based on my observations or talks with the Skansen Seal Tenders. I am not a Marine Biologist nor any expert of rank in this subject.
Arriving at Skansen right after opening, I noticed Marina laying low and relaxing near the stairs. For her, this is quite unusual behaviour - she is usually the energetic one. I soon found out the reason. Pregnant females Amanda and Isa was at it again regarding the best sun spots. This led to a flat out ambush by Isa on Amandas sunny position...
This did not go very well, so Isa resumed her Climbing lessions, trying to get up on the ledge. It went better then usual, and she relaxed there for some time, until she for some reason decided it would be better in the water.

Inspired by Isas climbing antics, Juni wanted to impress the growing crowd with a trick of his own, and jumped up to pose for the schoolchildren.
Nothing special going on in the lower basin tough. Moses relaxed, with Clara buggering him about as usual and some schoolchildren thinking Moses was a Walrus...

As for the Grey Seal Cub, I still got my hopes up to see him one day. The chances are increasing as he is doing well, and seems to get better for each passing day.

As a bonus, here are pictures of some of the other Skansen Spring Children:

lördag 16 april 2011

Yrkesfiskare och Säljakt

Jag har ingen lust att gå in på längre retoriska introduktioner, eller fina utvecklingar i en analogi om vad jag anser är problemet, jag är förbannad och jag ska lägga fram det hela svart på vitt i klara ordalag.

Sveriges Yrkesfiskare, ungefär 1600 st får drygt en halv miljon var i bidrag. Trots detta tvingas de leva på A-Kassa i många fall. Anledningen till detta skyller de på Sälarna - som de hävdar stjäl fisk rakt ur deras nät. Om vi för tillfället bortser från det faktum att Sälen gör någonting som är naturligt för dem, nämligen att äta den mat som finns för dem så gör de faktiskt oss en rejäl tjänst.

För att stödja Yrkesfisket så är det vi som lider. Vi får äta förgiftad fisk, som har högre kvoter av metaller och gift än vad som är rimligt för människor. Sälarna lider givetvis också av det här - de lever nästan uteslutande på detta, men faktum kvarstår att våra Yrkesfiskare plockar upp fisk som vi enligt EUs regler egentligen inte får äta för att den är för giftig.

Och för detta ger vi yrkesfiskare pengar.

För detta låter vi dem skjuta 270 sälar.

Är det NÅGON som tycker att det här verkar rimligt?

torsdag 14 april 2011

Skansen Seal Update 14/4-11

Before we begin, I wish to remind everyone that I am not an expert at Marine Mammals and simply base this out of my observations and talks with the Tenders. So, without futher ado, the Skansen Seal Update #2.

Thursday is Pond cleaning day at the upper basin. This is usally pretty fun to watch, as the seals suddenly have alot more dry land - and they are usually alot more eager to keep it when the water starts flowing again. Marina keeps getting into quarrels with the Elder Grey Seals and Isa tried to climb up to the second ledge in order to escape her. This failed miserably, and the Harbour Seal Kobbe quickly raced to show Isa how it was done.

The only problem? A tender was cleaning out the upper parts of the basin, and Kobbe & his friend enjoyed the water fumes from the high preassure water spray, since this as you might guess lead to them beeing in the way alot. However, Kobbe settled in nicely at the upper parts of the cliff and laid down to dry his fur. I suspect he will be very annoyed once the water reach his level again.

The Lower Ponds larger part is also almost done. Changes include a new fence, a better looking glass, a new walkway to the central rocks and other smaller things. This is about as good picture I can get of the new pond.

No more news of the found Cub. I take this as a good thing.

måndag 11 april 2011

Skansen Seal Update 11/4-11

Skansen Seal Update 11th of April 2011

This idea is one I got when returning from Skansen. Usually when I does, some friends ask me about what the Seals was up to this time, and I thought I could rather put it all in a blog post. So, submitting for your approval, the Skansen Seal Update.

Please note that I am not an employee of Skansen, nor a trained professional in Marine Mammals. What I tell is based on information from keepers and my own observations.
LänkFirst arriving up at the upper Seal Pond, I noticed Marina keeping up her climbing exercises. Lovely gal that, especially as she does her utmost to tease us photographers. Not that she evers manages to get up onto anything...

She also keeps Amanda and Isa annoyed by following them and sometimes imitating their behavior. She keeps the two elder females in high regard and aside from me, is probably their biggest fan. I heard different rumours that Isa and Amanda are pregnant, but if thats true - or if they given birth yet, I do not know.

It would also appear somebody dropped a Cap into the Pond, much to the enjoyment of the Harbour Seal Juni. Boy, did she fool around with that one! At some points, I suspect she was trying to put it on.

Walking down to the lower basin, I found Chris, one of the Tenders busy with clearing up a mess she thinks Clara is responsible for. Considering that Clara is restless and shares pond with Moses, one of the laziest creatures on the planet, I incline to agree. A unlucky seagull had tried to take food from the Seals and Clara had retaliated. Suffice to say, the different pieces of bird clogged the drain, so they had to empty it and clear it out. During this, Clara enjoyed fooling around on her back and making Moses move from whatever place he gotten himself lying down.

Yes, that is a feather on Moses nose. They must been hard to avoid down there.

More news is that Skansen has recived a young Seal Cub, a Grey Male found on a dirt parth north of Stockholm. It was taken to Skansens Cheif Animal Handler Linda Askelund over the weekend and taken into Skansens care this morning. It is currently in quarantine and it has yet not been decided if they will keep it or release it into the wild.

Right now, the prognosis looks good. He is able to eat on his own, and he is ready and willing to do so. The wound is right now the important issue.

Skansen naming conventions dictates that he will recive a name on O. State Television suggestet "Odjuret" (The beast) and Linda herself joked about "Osis" (Bad Luck).

Regardless their decision, I hope I will get to see it soon.

Until next time !