måndag 30 augusti 2010

När Piratpartiet kommer in i Riksdagen och att stampa på ett ställe

Jag har på senaste tiden funderat lite på vad som kommer hända när Piratpartiet kommer in i Riksdagen år 2010. Hur och med vilka kan flyta, men att vi kommer in betvivlar jag inte.

Om du har stort tvivel och anser att PP inte kan komma in, sluta läsa nu. Det här inlägget kan inte läsas ur den synvinkeln - helt enkelt för att om PP inte kommer in i Riksdagen så förändras ingenting.

Det är också en intressant fundering. Om jag får gissa vilt - och det tänker jag bara ämna resten av den här raden åt - så kommer PP in, Centern åker ut och PP går med Alliansen.

Men vad händer efter Valvakan? Och vi kan glömma bort de segerrusiga piraterna som badar i fontäner, Rick Falkvinge som segerrusad går och knackar på Riksdagen kl 3 på morgonen och kräver att få bli insläppt, de vilda segerropen över hela landet av Pirater som äntligen uppnått det som de vill ha.

Det här inlägget handlar inte om dem. Det är långt mer personligt än så. Det handlar bara om mig och ingen annan. För mig kommer Piratpartiets segertåg in i Riksdagen ha högst personliga konsekvenser - inte minst för mina ansvarstaganden i Partiet. Jag antar att jag kommer fortsätta ha kvar dem ett tag i alla fall och förhoppningsvis längre än så då jag gillar det jag gör för partiet.

Men vad finns det mer att göra för ett parti som tagit det hela till nästa nivå? Somliga saker kommer inte ändra på sig. Men andra kommer göra det och det kan bli lite intressant att se dels hur det hanteras och dels om det påverkar mig personligen. Och det blir inte direkt bättre av att skriva av sig här.

Men tiden får utvisa hur det blir.

lördag 21 augusti 2010

Flygshow på Gärdet 21 Augusti 2010

If the Images feel blurry, click once on them to enlarge in order to see a larger, sharper version. I had some trouble with Blogspot Thumbnails lately.

Arrived at the Air Show at Gärdet at 9.30 in the morning, to see Helicopter No: 15 (Agusta A109) land, and a model of a JAS 39 Gripen (Nicknamed Gripen Light) beeing towed into the area. Military Staff was busy making the place in order for the guests about to arrive.

It was not the assigned area for this Guardsman, but it made for such a great photo.
K9 Units trained their dogs in the general area. People was understandably cautions about getting closer.
Nothing says "APC" like a recruiting poster....

The Helicopter 15 arriving for letting people take a closer look at it for a few hours...

...and it left shortly after lunch.

The big show for the day however was a fully restored Bleriot IX Aircraft - the same kind used when flying over the English Channel. It was the only Aircraft that both took off and landed at the Grass Airstrip of Gärdet and also the only one that flew lower then 300 meters.

Another Classic that flew over the area was a late-war Spitfire (Mk.XVIIIe). This Aircraft crashed later during the day during landing in Norway. My pictures was used for a Swedish News Article. You can clearly on the second picture see there is something wrong with the landing gear that is not fully closed.

A Sikorsky arrived, showing off their supreme Search and Rescue skills. Its good to know that if I take to the Seas, my life will be in their skilled hands.

Do note all the grass flying around in the air, whipped up by the Helicopters Rotors.

Common as Gulls - at least on the few Swedish Air Shows we do have - a Four-Plane Wing of F7 Såtenäs - flying JAS 39 Gripen C. Diamond Formation.
After them came the classic Aircraft of the Airforce. SK-60, A-32 Lansen and J34 Hawker Hunter. A J29 Tunnan was supposed to have participated but was unable due to malfunction. I failed to get a decent shot of the SK-60 so only shots of Lansen and Hunter are displayed.

The Dread of the Baltic. Lansen was an Attack Aircraft, designed to wreak havoc on Soviet Invasion Fleets. Later versions carried heavy anti-ship missiles.

Hawker Hunter, purchased to fill the gap between J29 and J35, stayed in service for less then ten years. Said to be one of the most lovely planes possible to fly - and also the most beautiful Aircraft to serve in the Air Force to date.

Also on the Area was numerious (boring) Ground Vehicles and something rather less boring - A SK-60 Flight Simulator where the Pilot under instruction would try and land at former F-14 Airbase. I was the second during the day to attempt this and the first one to succeed. It was a tad tricky - I am used to a Keyboard, not numerous different controls yet at least I was familiar with the software. Most fun was the throttle and the adjusting of Airbrakes and Flaps.

The unit patch suggests they trained me to fly the wrong thing...
The first one to attempt landing. His Aircraft became as much of a smoking crater that Microsoft allows in their Flight Sims.

Last thing before this entry ends: More of this in Stockholm. Last great Air Show was 12 years ago. Unacceptable! Once every second year at least.