måndag 24 maj 2010

Meeting their Gaze - Photo Collection with Seals

The Seals of Skansen. You would think they spend most of their time under the surface, hiding from all the big school classes who point and laugh and clap at them. Yet, even with these present, I find myself meeting their gaze during my weekly visits. This is but a sample of all the photos where the seals look curiously, relaxed, or maybe just with plain uninterest. However, there are times (6, 8, 12) when I feel they know who I am. Mostly because these images are taken less then a minute after I arrived at the Seal Pond.

What do you see in their eyes?

3 kommentarer:

Vidde sa...

Coolt! Lite annorlunda... I like!

Caspian Rehbinder sa...

Framför allt gillar jag bild sex och bild nio uppifrån. Du är duktig!

Arjan en Judith sa...

Jag gillar bilderna! Sälarna är så sött!