torsdag 26 juli 2012

Two visits in a day

Recently I moved to Käppala, on the Southern tip of Lidingö outside Stockholm. I did this for several reasons, but the primary one was that I would be chucked out of my current flat and needed another one. When I crash-landed after my exhausting trip to Bergen, Norway at my Mom, she had prepared a paper where she listed possible apartments and asked me to cross in any extras.

For some reason, I dotted in one at Lidingö; at Kolmårdsvägen - a name extremely fitting for an animal photographer. It would prove fitting for more reasons tough.

Three months later, I wake up in said apartment and look out the window. Once I have done this, I curse at myself for having the camera unprepared for anything like this - a Doe is right outside the window, resting on the shallow grass. Preparing the camera and quickly using the clothes drying on the balcony to cover myself, I take a few photos. Unlike the Deers I previously encountered in Bromma, this one was not shy in the least. She looked at me, probably wondering what maniac went up this early in the morning and continued to just relax amongst the grass.

A while later, she seemed to tire of it all and walked away. I did the same, walking inside and prepared my breakfast.

That would not prove to be the end of it, however. As I calmed down after an intensive game of StarCraft 2 (that I lost btw), I walked out on the balcony and enjoyed the sun shining right on me. The lightning was pretty nice, and I wished the Doe would return so I could take a few more pictures on the sunlight. As I spun around and turned inside again, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. There she was again.

Again, she looks me over, and then proceeds to just resting in the grass. My earlier thought fresh in the head, I rush for the camera - this time prepared for events such as this.However, I fail to get the effect I wanted so I quickly rush outside, trying to step quietly on the backside of the house.

There I find I am not alone to adore the Doe.

It seems this stag was quite interested in here, and was not at all bothered with me. The Doe seemed a little flustered by the fact that I moved closer and retreated a few meters. I decided to stand exactly where I was, and not bother them bother by closing up unless this could be done without disturbing them. After about five seconds, the Stag decided I was not going to interfere with his plans, and he begins courting the Doe.

Highly amused (and a little redcheeked), I see how the Stag tries to mount the Doe several times, with the Doe swiftly moving away. They almost form a little Benny Hill act as they move around the clearing. Suddenly, the Doe seems to notice she has run straight at me - well within her previously established security distance and freezes, to inspect if my intentions have changed.

The Stags intentions have not changed however, and he seizes the opportunity. 

Once she regards me as nothing more then mere Scenery again, she gracefully evades the stag again and moves off. The Stag was not very amused and observes me, while the Doe takes the opportunity to slip away.

No doubt trying to follow her, the Stag also walks off into the forest patch behind the house.

I have not been here a week, and already treated to close up experience with deer. I can say with confidence that I expected them, just not right behind my very own house...

2 kommentarer:

Hanna sa...

Wow. Bara wow.
Som uppvuxen ute i skogen förväntade jag mig aldrig att få se så mycket rådjur och ekorrar och andra djur när jag flyttade till stan, men så är det uppenbarligen. Där vågar de sig aldrig nära människor och jag kan räkna på ena handens tumme de gånger jag såg rådjur, annat är det i stan.

Vilken häftig upplevelse! Verkar som att du kommer trivas i dina nya hoods. :)

Carl Johan Rehbinder sa...

Helt underbart! Jag plåtade ett rådjur på nära håll alldeles häromdagen - de kan komma väldigt nära här i Bagarmossen också, ofta.

Men rådjur som knullar har jag faktiskt inte haft tillfälle att plåta ännu.

Jag har förstås plåtat en hel del människor som knullar, och det är ju förstås trevligt. Men som sagt, inga rådjur.