måndag 18 april 2011

Skansen Seal Update 18/4-11

As usual, what you are about to read is only based on my observations or talks with the Skansen Seal Tenders. I am not a Marine Biologist nor any expert of rank in this subject.
Arriving at Skansen right after opening, I noticed Marina laying low and relaxing near the stairs. For her, this is quite unusual behaviour - she is usually the energetic one. I soon found out the reason. Pregnant females Amanda and Isa was at it again regarding the best sun spots. This led to a flat out ambush by Isa on Amandas sunny position...
This did not go very well, so Isa resumed her Climbing lessions, trying to get up on the ledge. It went better then usual, and she relaxed there for some time, until she for some reason decided it would be better in the water.

Inspired by Isas climbing antics, Juni wanted to impress the growing crowd with a trick of his own, and jumped up to pose for the schoolchildren.
Nothing special going on in the lower basin tough. Moses relaxed, with Clara buggering him about as usual and some schoolchildren thinking Moses was a Walrus...

As for the Grey Seal Cub, I still got my hopes up to see him one day. The chances are increasing as he is doing well, and seems to get better for each passing day.

As a bonus, here are pictures of some of the other Skansen Spring Children:

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