torsdag 14 april 2011

Skansen Seal Update 14/4-11

Before we begin, I wish to remind everyone that I am not an expert at Marine Mammals and simply base this out of my observations and talks with the Tenders. So, without futher ado, the Skansen Seal Update #2.

Thursday is Pond cleaning day at the upper basin. This is usally pretty fun to watch, as the seals suddenly have alot more dry land - and they are usually alot more eager to keep it when the water starts flowing again. Marina keeps getting into quarrels with the Elder Grey Seals and Isa tried to climb up to the second ledge in order to escape her. This failed miserably, and the Harbour Seal Kobbe quickly raced to show Isa how it was done.

The only problem? A tender was cleaning out the upper parts of the basin, and Kobbe & his friend enjoyed the water fumes from the high preassure water spray, since this as you might guess lead to them beeing in the way alot. However, Kobbe settled in nicely at the upper parts of the cliff and laid down to dry his fur. I suspect he will be very annoyed once the water reach his level again.

The Lower Ponds larger part is also almost done. Changes include a new fence, a better looking glass, a new walkway to the central rocks and other smaller things. This is about as good picture I can get of the new pond.

No more news of the found Cub. I take this as a good thing.

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