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Skansen Seal Update 11/4-11

Skansen Seal Update 11th of April 2011

This idea is one I got when returning from Skansen. Usually when I does, some friends ask me about what the Seals was up to this time, and I thought I could rather put it all in a blog post. So, submitting for your approval, the Skansen Seal Update.

Please note that I am not an employee of Skansen, nor a trained professional in Marine Mammals. What I tell is based on information from keepers and my own observations.
LänkFirst arriving up at the upper Seal Pond, I noticed Marina keeping up her climbing exercises. Lovely gal that, especially as she does her utmost to tease us photographers. Not that she evers manages to get up onto anything...

She also keeps Amanda and Isa annoyed by following them and sometimes imitating their behavior. She keeps the two elder females in high regard and aside from me, is probably their biggest fan. I heard different rumours that Isa and Amanda are pregnant, but if thats true - or if they given birth yet, I do not know.

It would also appear somebody dropped a Cap into the Pond, much to the enjoyment of the Harbour Seal Juni. Boy, did she fool around with that one! At some points, I suspect she was trying to put it on.

Walking down to the lower basin, I found Chris, one of the Tenders busy with clearing up a mess she thinks Clara is responsible for. Considering that Clara is restless and shares pond with Moses, one of the laziest creatures on the planet, I incline to agree. A unlucky seagull had tried to take food from the Seals and Clara had retaliated. Suffice to say, the different pieces of bird clogged the drain, so they had to empty it and clear it out. During this, Clara enjoyed fooling around on her back and making Moses move from whatever place he gotten himself lying down.

Yes, that is a feather on Moses nose. They must been hard to avoid down there.

More news is that Skansen has recived a young Seal Cub, a Grey Male found on a dirt parth north of Stockholm. It was taken to Skansens Cheif Animal Handler Linda Askelund over the weekend and taken into Skansens care this morning. It is currently in quarantine and it has yet not been decided if they will keep it or release it into the wild.

Right now, the prognosis looks good. He is able to eat on his own, and he is ready and willing to do so. The wound is right now the important issue.

Skansen naming conventions dictates that he will recive a name on O. State Television suggestet "Odjuret" (The beast) and Linda herself joked about "Osis" (Bad Luck).

Regardless their decision, I hope I will get to see it soon.

Until next time !

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Anonym sa...

Härligt, Jonathan! Det blir så fantastiskt personligt när du berättar om de olika sälarna med namn och allt.

Och vilka helt underbara bilder!