söndag 19 september 2010

Glorious Land

"Facing the Storm, Battered and Tall, Fighting for the her Glorious Hand
Come take my hand, together we stand, defending our glorious land."

I have always been proud to be Swedish. Its a feeling that runs deeper then most other things. Along with my sense of Personal Honor, it is the guiding principles on what I do.

I have always liked a flying Swedish Flag. I think it is a symbol the country have lost to the forces that wish it ruin, and I have always proudly sung the national anthem.

I am no longer certain I will be able to do such things. I no longer feel safe in my country of birth.
With the Swedish Democrats in the Parlament, our Country has suffered a black spot on its honor, a spot brought by thoose who claim to guard for it.

I am ashamed. I am ashamed at thoose of my countrymen who let it happen. But I will keep fighing. I will not let some upstart nazis take my country away from me and turn it into their twisted vision.

However, since I am quite sure the resources of the Parlament and the National Radio Agency will be used to hunt down thoose who think like me, I direct myself to the Goverments of Germany, Belgium, Norway and Finland.

I request political asylum, to be granted if worst comes to worst.

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bob sa...

You're always welcome on the other side of the pond ;) Let's see how we do next year in the national elections. //Finland