torsdag 4 mars 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Release

Read carefully, for I shall write this only once. And that means I am writing it in English :)

I am still in a small state of shock. Maybe the Deviations spoiled it already, but hell, Ill start right at the beginning and well see if I can add any suspence into it. I also wish to state - for the record - that I deeply resisted using "Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles" as the title for this entry.

Today I woke up. If I ever fell asleep - I cant really tell since I had a night filled with Insomnia - something that usually happens when I am exited. Me and a Mate had planned to go to the midnight release of Bad Company 2 and since there was a offer that the first ten people in military outfits would buy the game for 10 cent, we decided to arrive there about 10 o clock.

My Gear was my standard issue Super-Human Awesome Bundeswehr uniform. Pants, parkas and field shirt, alongside with a MBB Assault vest with the Fallschrimjäger Beret on top. To add to the fun, I had a water gun in the holdster and had created a Rocket Launcher out of the same paper barrel I got Alinas Drawing Print out of. Remember this as you read on.

I arrived at Webhallen about 11 o clock in the morning - my mate had yet to leave home. Upon arrival, I was told I was number 14 with some daring buggers having arrived 3 in the morning wearing Brittish Army Chemical Protection Suits. Thoose things (I owed them myself once) are cold, nasty, and only slighly military, yet for the first two reasons, I respect them enought since they was out in the cold way longer then I was.

I was also told that places 11-18 would be able to get used games from the Tournament against Dice employees and I figured this sounded nice.

We spent a relaxing (very much so in fact) 9 hours inside Webhallen in their comfortable couches, trying on games, talking, having a jolly good time in fact !

After said nine hours, we where to spend three in the cold - and thoose three hours felt alot longer then the nine inside. However, a steady stream of Hot Chocolate did what my four layers of clothing failed to do - keep the cold out. During this time, Media and Webhallen Video did interviews with - amongst others - Me.

At 22.00, we was allowed in to play the game in a tournament against Dice Employees. I had in front of the video stated I was satisfied if I managed to kill ONE of them - and that I did. We was also allowed to ask questions to a Dice Rep. I had two - Why Medics carried Heavy Machineguns (I felt that one was answered with full satisfaction) and if they planned to add more G36 variants (Declined :( ).

At 23.55, they was to announce the winner of the Best Dressed contest. The price was Limited Edition of the game, Logitech-kit (G35 headset, G19 keyboard, G9 mouse) as well as a QPAD. For the record, I still use my Battlefield 2 QPAD. Thoose things last for an eternity.

I did not expect to win. Me and a few mates had discussed who we tought would win and most bets pointed at either one of two Royal Irish Regiment, one of the more fanciful attempts at semi-military or a young kid dressed in a beret and american uniform. The Dice Rep (I think it was a boss) stood up and the crowd went silent. Then he asked for the guy who asked the questions about medics and the machineguns - whereupon my mate quietly said "Its you". I am pretty sure there is a video of all this - I saw the camera - and when I look at it, I will be sure to note my expression because what I felt was suprise. Honest suprise and a feeling of deepest happyness.

Remember that I wanted you to remember that the tube that carried Alinas Drawing print home was turned into a Rocket Launcher?

According to the Dice Rep, this was a major reason why I won. I never tought a bored night, exitement and a pencil could give you such an edge.

The brisk walk home did not feel as bad on aching feet as it could have done...

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Jan Lindgren sa...

Grattis! :)

Caspian Rehbinder sa...

Ja, jag kan inte göra annat än att instämma med Janne! Stort grattis till dig! För övrigt är det bra att du inte skrev ”Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles” som rubrik – dels ska det vara über, och inte uber, och dels ska såväl über som alles inledas med gemena bokstäver. Språkfascisten har talat.

Anonym sa...

Ja, vad kan man säga annat än grattis?

Jag skrattade gott åt din berättelse.

Du är så underbart nördig!


Anonym sa...

lasa hela bloggen, ganska bra