torsdag 12 mars 2009

"Vi vill ha sex!"

Message will be posted in English since it will be posted on our sources:

"Vi vill ha sex" was a slogan once read on buttons on jackets - the same kind of buttons that by some are used to show their support for the Ship of the Purple Sail - the Political Pirate. Despite this, our buttons still show a black - not a purple sail. "Vi vill ha sex" (We want sex) did not hint at any sexual intention, but was a catchy slogan to demonstrate that they supported a demand for six hours of work per day - per law. Everything else would be considered overtime. While Eight-to-Five work is a much more used description, Nine-to-Three still has its power over the older communists, whos party since long has abandoned this claim.

Well Communists. I currently got a six hours per day job, and I could not be happier. My new employer is a nine-hole golf course outside Bromma Airport. I suppose the Airport helps keep the costs for plant poision down, but its a added bonus for me - I am a Airplane freak and will be able to combine my work with jolly good fun - aside from driving my Toro Bunker Machine around, listening to Cotton Eye Joe...

I admit I am not mad enought to keep a job regarding plants, grass and tiny little balls that may hit your head while listening to country. It will in all regards be Sabaton and other metal, along with maybe some other music that is loaded into my IPOD.

I start working on Monday.

It feels strange tought. I have been unemployed for such a long time. I quit my last job February 2008 and I been unemployed for more then a year. Some would think getting a meager sum of money for sitting home all day would be fun - most people want to have money without working - but its not fun. Its become so bad that even regular meetings, anything that breaks the monotone routine is getting fun - and at all other times, you are at home going slowly insane.

It is good that I have nice people to speak to about such things, and they understand it. And I must also thank my new employer for allowing a grave breach of etiquette when I asked for two weeks off at our first meeting. I told him my reasons and he understood them, even asking about the reason itself - and wished me luck.

I get a feeling this golf job will be alot better then my last.

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