lördag 10 januari 2009

Qoute of the Year 2008 about...

...Air Shows:
"The F-16 is like a Seagull. They are fucking everywhere"
American at the Gothenburg Flightshow only becuase he wants to see SAAB Fighter Aircraft.

"Everybody will benefit if we stop debating"
Prime Minister of Sweden about the debate regarding the FRA Law.

..Disney Villians:
"When Scar gets his power, he stops beeing intresting and turns into a whiny little primadonna"
Nostalgia Critic, Top 11 Disney Villians

...The Newest Israel-Gaza Conflict:
"Lets go kill something"
Lunatics on both sides.

"I like this food, hence I eat it. If I dont like it, I dont eat it!"
Overheard at Burger King

...Game Patches
"Working as Intended"
Blizzard Entertainment

"Girls are lovely, just not to each other. Unless we are related or best friends of course"
A friend of mine after she found out her boyfriend was cheating with (Suprise...) her best friend.

"Our condoms are as safe as our security transports"

Sign near the Securitas Tent at Europride.
((A/N: Year 2008, Securitas suffered more robberies of their security transports then any other company in Sweden))

"This is what the soldiers say they want!"
Colt, American Weapons Manufacturer about the M4A1 Carbine, the most expensive weapon in comparison to its rivals, about senate and Trooper critics who demand HK416 to be issued.

"We need this law, or we will not survive as a company"
Representative for SF Cinemas after making their best selling year in 20 years.

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