lördag 28 juni 2008

My struggle for the past weeks cut short

I have been terribly busy the past few weeks, making me damn happy that I don´t have a job. It gives me more time to relax, more time to think about stuff - and more time to DO stuff - preferably things who pushes the FRA-Law back to the stinking hole it came from.

Meanwhile, I have also done things the past few weeks I never tought I would. Among them is speaking to a crowd (and enjoying it, so I think I keep that part up), stood at the North Sea in heavy wind, feeling lonely in a house with six people, watching a debate in the Swedish Parlament with Interest (Twice) and missing people I never met.

The last one is hard to explain so Ill just skip to even try but I suppose thats something that will be alot more common. The Speech was actually four different ones at two different occasions, all of them short and improvised. I hope to see a photo of myself during that speech soon - or better yet - a Youtube video. I need to know what I can improve there.

For the North Sea and Lonely part, check the Denmark 2008 post.

To end this nights posting with a Youtube Video, Ill post the new unofficial Swedish National Anthem (not that the one its based on is any more official, its just De Facto National Anthem)

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