onsdag 25 juni 2008

Danmark 2008

Friday 20th of June

I have arrived in Trollhättan for the first leg of the Journey. I admit so far, few intressting things has actually happened. I have met thoose I will spend the most of my vacation with and they seem nice enought, but I wonder if the little girl is just as charming in a few days. Major annoyance factor is probable. I have been told it will not be a problem however and I for one trust that opinion, at least right now.

I got more info about the house, it will be 80 meters from the North Sea. It could be a migthy show at evenings or when raining. I look forward to seeing it both.

I will end up seeing the place tomorrow at any rate after a ferry ride of "just" six hours. I like boats but six hours on a bloody ferry may test even me.

Damnit. I already want a buddy in on this thing and it has hardly begun. I will go with two "adults" (I dont really se myself as one yet, dont know why), a 15 year old punk and a eight year old girl.


Later on the day: Friday the 20th:

Well, the girl is an annoying plauge. Runs around everywhere, annoys me to bits. I cant belive Im spending half a week with her.
I rather spend em with other people to be fair.

Saturday the 21th:

Wow. Thats all I can say about this house. Pool, sauna, Jacuzzi.
I freaking love it.

Lets see about Internet connection. Maybe if I can get it working, I dont have to call P about coming here. Calling is expensive.
Would be worth it if some company in my age showed up.

Later on the day: Saturday the 21th

Holy shit of epic awesomeness.

And I am not speaking about the working Internet. I just was at the coast. Its...almost beyond words. High sand dunes, heavy gust winds, small sand storms. It does not sound very nice, I know but I love it. While I still think you would not wear anything less then Flecktarn Desert Gear and protective Googles there, its still a nice place.
It blows your mind clear of toughts and memories, leaving you alone to the impression of the beach and the sea. It aint a romantic spot either (unless you count the cold winds making it worthwhile to cuddle together).

Yet, its awesome.

If we proceed on the tech details, the pool is...well...adequate. Have not tried the Jacuzzi. Not tried Sauna either (and doubt I will). Computer and TV is above expectations.

Night: Saturday the 21th.

P aint coming. Too bad. Would been fun. While the present company is decent, its somewhat lacking seeing that its..well.... its a 15: year old, a annoying kid, two adults who just keep trying to keep their constant arguments discreete and then two others I see abit too much of.

Now the freaking girl just wont go to sleep. Me? I going to watch a movie. Either Black Hawk Down or Spaceballs. Either is fine and both are brilliant. I could see V for Vendetta too but... well. I actually dont know what about it that makes me hesitate but I might need something to blow off steam right now and VfV is a bit too serious for that purpose, considering recent Swedish Law Developments.

Sunday the 22th:

I was out running today. Its not my style to do so but I had promised myself to do so. Run across the dunes to the sea and back. Short and simple - and cold.
Good it was early in the morning, could take my Flecktarn Uniform (the only clothes I got that are warm enought for such an endavour with wind and rain).
I do feel refreshed by the entire thing and got back okey for Breakfest too. Nothing special there.
Yesterdays movie was Black Hawk Down but did not finish it. Too tired. Still, I still feel....wierd...here. Again, going her without anybody my age...big mistake.

It works for Moms friends. They are a couple. It works for My mom and her BF. Same reason. The son of moms friend dont say much so I cant judge.
The Young Girl is causing mischeif like a angry gnome.

Please, somebody. Kidnap me!

Later on the day; Sunday the 22th.

Finished watching Black Hawk Down. Now, now get me out of here, I had enought!

Evening; Sunday the 22th.

This is bullocks. Some would say I am overreacting but they are not here. P was right. I should have refused to step into the damn car. Sometimes my loyalty to my commitments ends up bad and this is a such occasion. I am not treated as a child, with responsibilies - but I dont get the respect. When somebody says something to me, its almost always condesending. Not from Mom and her Bf of course. They are too busy with eachother and I dont really mind.

Actually, sometimes it feels they dont think im here - or at least that I dont matter. I walked in on Moms friends in the Sauna. They where kinda busy. Again, this condesending tone. Geez, if you want me to stay away from a certain place,then at least lock the door.

To end on a happy note, I actually bathed in the North Sea. Cold.

Monday the 23th:

This place is a warzone right now, mainly because some people seem unable to understand that all actions have a reaction. Sigh. And I have to listen to the shit.
Save me Jebus! Wasted my last movies too...

I would walk on the beach today but its a freakin sandstorm out there. Heavy winds and sand everywhere. We tried to grill our meat and got sand in our food.
Going outside is begging to have it showed up your eyes.

I have never been as happy with the ability to lock a door.

Tuesday the 24th:

Its been a calm day for once. I headed out on foot to walk to a nearby museum while moms friends drove their kids to McDonalds in a town about two miles away. Good, that might make them shut up about it...

Right now, Im happy they ate there. We are making Tacos and its pretty enjoyable, even if the little girl keeps demanding attention from everything and everyone. She is the one i will miss least. Her dad has borrowed my PS1 Ace Combat and seems pretty stuck with it...or was until the girl wanted help with her hair.

Im going home tomorrow. As the SC II commercial put it:
Its about time...

Lates on the day, Tuesday the 24th:

I seen a Narwhal. Too bad it was dead and rotting. I hate to see my favorite kind of creatures that way. Ever since I was a kid, I loved Seals and Whales. Seeing one in this state brings me great sorrow, alltrough I take some pride in my preliminary identification. Will mail a photo to Greenpeace and ask if they can confirm.

Tusk was missing and it looked like its been in the water for a while, alltrough it just recently hit the beach.

We had a PS1 Ace Combat Tournament. Abit unfair seeing I got more practice at the game then everybody else, but we did it for fun, and not for points anyhow.

Night, Tuesday the 24th, turning into the 25th.

Its been a long week. Im in the bed as we write this after a midnight swim in the North Sea. It was still damn cold but it mattered little. I came up, started running and came home to a nice hot Sauna - the first time I´ve used the thing. I tried once before but you know what happened...

I could write down more about how this week has been and I actually tried to list things that could have been improved (considerting me turning down the trip would not have worked as a charm seeing how my dearly paid flight tickets already was booked). It came down to one thing, and one thing only.

I should have brought a friend.

Male or female dont really matter, just a friend so I had somebody at my age, my level. Somebody I could identify with. It was a mistake by me to not check more possibilties for P, but that is another thing. I could just as easily asked one of my mates. Fact remains, there are six people in this house not counting me and I feel lonely.
Thats how I can sum it up. If you still dont understand what I mean, then you either have way to many friends or never been on "Parents and their friends" vacation.

Anyhow, this is Jonathan, last posting from Denmark, signing off.

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